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Woodborough Village Preschool curriculum offers a comprehensive preschool child development program that links connections in literacy, maths, science, social studies, art, health and safety, personal development, physical development and technology.

With a careful balance of child-initiated play and teacher directed lessons and group activities, your child will gain an academic foundation and love of learning that he or she will carry into Primary School and beyond.

Indoor & Outdoor Leaning

Following the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework, we believe in learning through exploration, creativity, fun and play.

Each day our lovely open space is filled with lots of exciting activities inside and out!

Encouraged and supported by their key person, the children are free to move between each activity exploring, creating and having lots of fun.

Our pre-school is committed to giving our children the very best opportunities.

Keeping you informed

We understand the importance of staying connected to your child while at preschool. With daily
updates, photos and notifications through our preschool Famly app, our practitioners take time to
communicate every piece of your child’s day. Through child assessments, regular updates, an open-
door policy and regular events where parents/carers are invited to join, we encourage our
parents/carers to be an active part of your child’s educational experience.